About Us

Designers and creators of the finest & most exotic hairstyles

Frika Hair Boutique is among the Top Hair Salons in Melbourne, Specializing in Custom Hair Extensions and Total Hair Maintenance.

Connie Deen, the Owner and Creative Director of Frika Hair Boutique, is a true hair stylist and colorist extraordinaire. Connie is a graduating student of the renowned Château

Rouge École de Cheveux (School of Hair) in Paris, France.

With over 20 years experience in the business, Connie’s vast knowledge in the study of hair styles, hair care products and chemical use, hair health (nutrition) and hair growth has aided her to discovery of the deeper causes of hair health issues. Such issues can also be approached from inside the body (hair nutritional supplements), and not just on the visible surface.

Located in South Melbourne, the warm, friendly and highly trained staff at Frika Hair Boutique is dedicated to making you feel welcome and appreciated. Whatever your hair challenges are, we offer customized solutions, tailored to your specific needs that allows every client to know their hair (from inside and out) to guarantee that he or she will look their best and sustain their hair’s good looks.

Does your hair never seem to grow to the length you want? Is it too fine to style and no amount of product gives you volume? Do you want a new look, length or colour? With Frika Hair Boutique the wait for gorgeous hair is over.

Length, volume, texture, colour… Frika Hair Boutique can give you the luxurious hair you desire. Longer, fuller, voluminous hair that feels silky, soft, and shines with good health.

Put the WOW factor into your image and look fabulous everyday!

Connie’s expertise: Connie is the owner of Frika Hair Boutique and she believes that the only way to deliver quality hair extensions is to take a customised approach to the application. Hair extensions do not come in ‘one size that fits all’ so different techniques should be used depending on your existing hair strength, texture and health.

Connie is proficient in a range of hair extension application methods, both traditional and cutting edge, such as; weaving, keratin bonding, micro-beaded hair extensions, tape hair, micro link, clip-ins, fusion, etc. Connie has seen many clients with challenging hair conditions such as stress associated hair loss or chemical damage, or damage from previous hair extensions and it is with great pride that she has made their hair look longer and healthier as their hair recuperates. Connie’s clients appreciate the customised approach she takes to her service and the wealth of her knowledge. The results speak for themselves.

Don’t risk an expensive hair disaster by being just another customer. Get the hair extensions that have being tailored to the needs of your hair.

Note: High Quality 100% Human Remy hair no tangling no shading and hair is reusable.

Renowned for Hair Extensions and Thinning Hair Solutions, we also offer a Full Range of Services, including:

  • Hair Extension Techniques
  • Haircuts
  • Hair Coloring
  • Hair Straightening
  • Hair Weaving and more

This is just a little bit about us. There is a whole lot more we’d like to share with you in the area of hair and haircare.