Bad Habits that Can Damage Hair Extensions

Apr 20, 2018  fh_admin

Hair extensions in Melbourne require care and maintenance to ensure they look their best and enhance your facial features. When hair extensions become damaged, many people think the quality of the extensions themselves are to blame, but often, they overlook the extent to which their daily habits have played a significant role in causing the damage. This blog post offers useful warnings about the bad habits that can damage your hair extensions.

Exposure to Air Pollutants

People are exposed to various air pollutants on a daily basis, including smoke and fumes from vehicles and other sources. These particulates can settle on your hair extensions, negatively affecting their appearance and removing natural moisture. Covering your extensions with silk cloth and avoiding smoke whenever possible can help to protect and preserve them.

Poor Washing Habits

You need to be conscious about your hair washing habits when you have hair extensions. Not washing them regularly enough can ruin their appearance and cause an unpleasant odour, while washing them too much can remove natural moisture and leave them too dry. Washing your hair extensions in Melbourne once a week is recommended to maintain their health and avoid damage.

Using Harmful Chemicals

Using any old shampoo and conditioner for hair extensions can have undesired consequences. Many products include high alcohol content and other chemicals that cause severe damage to extensions. We recommend using moisture-rich products that are free from sulphate, phosphate and other harmful chemicals. Examining product labels should give you the information you need.

Careless Handling

Many people handle their hair extensions in Melbourne carelessly, causing unsightly frizziness and tangles. By handling your extensions gently and treating them with care, you can avoid these frustrating situations. Use brushes and combs that have wide teeth, and avoid using bobby pins or rubber bands except when absolutely necessary.

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