Flaunt Your Run Way Look by Using Hair Extensions

Sep 23, 2016  fh_admin

Hair styling has become so interesting in today’s world with Frika hair boutique changing the face of hair styling by means of hair extension. Whether you are currently displeased with your hairstyle having repeated too many styles and short of what to do again, or your hair is just too short for your liking, it doesn’t matter. We are going to change your experience and give you a new look with various options in styling.

It was said that change is the most constant thing in life and changing your hair style to something new and attractive won’t be a bad idea. What is this hair style is in vogue that we are talking about here? It is a style known as hair extensions. This hair extension fits so well that almost everyone who wears it receives lots of complements. Be it long hair for the night or long hair for the season, hair extensions have evolved as women admires long beautiful hair that flows down and men also esteem it when their women do the style.

Our Hair Extensions is usually with length and volume, and we add it appropriately to the required areas of the head. This extension can be done by adding as little as 3 inches of natural hair and the lengthening extension is up to at least 6 inches. FRIKA HAIR BOUTIQUE hair extension expertise helps women with special hair needs, such as chemotherapy, aging hair, or naturally skinny strands to have a new experience.

What types of hair extension are you thinking of having? The following types of extensions are available at Frika Hair Boutique: Stick, Tip and Nail, Italian Keratin bonded weaves, Clip-ins, Russian, Indian, Remy Indian Temple, European virgin hair and Brazilian virgin hair.

natasha-zogaric-39-400x500If short or thin hair is the challenge that you are worried about how to overcome it, clip-in hair extensions is the best for you. When you come in to our salon with this kind of hair, our clip-in hair extensions will surely let you go out with hair that appear longer and thicker, straight, wavy and curly. The most interesting part is that it’s so simple that you can do it by yourself with an uncomplicated technique. So, with FRIKA HAIR BOUTIQUE, achieving the elegant hair that you’ve always dreamed of is no more a rocket science.

Apart from clip-in hair extensions, other types of excellent hair extensions that we make at FRIKA HAIR BOUTIQUE are strand by strand technique called Micro-beaded Hair Extensions, Keratin Bonding/Fusion, and Highlight/Fantasy Color that gives opportunity to add color without damaging your own hair.

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