Fun and Fashionable, Clip On Feathers and Thread Hair Wraps have become very popular hair accessories.

Feathers are yet another beautiful and inexpensive addition that can be used for “Hair Highlighting.” They can be curled, washed, styled, removed and re-apply (at your discretion and as your hair grows out) and they last a long time.

Wraps can be personalize with pearls, beads, buttons, feathers and other fun washable accessories.

Both Feathers and Wraps come in an assortment of color combinations that’s as unlimited as the imagination, and can be matched to whatever attire you might wearing or for any occasion.

Frika Hair Boutique are the best hair wrappers in town. Our wraps are unique, neat, sophisticated and exotic. This style is created with assorted and shimmering colourful cottons and we have a wide range of beads to choose from to complete your hair wraps style. Get your beautiful hair wrap today in Melbourne without taking a trip to Queensland or Thailand. Prices start from $10. We also have real grizzly feather hair and a wide range of colours for both feather hair and hair wraps.