Tips For Extending The Life Of Your Hair Extensions

Purchasing a good pair of hair extensions can be a massive beauty investment. It’s therefore important to take care of them in the best way possible so you can get the most out of them. Whether your hair extensions are made from synthetic hair or real hair, it’s essential to use the right techniques to prolong their life. Here are four tips for extending the life of your hair extensions in Melbourne.


In order to prevent your hair extensions from becoming tangled, it’s a good idea to store them in a box when you’re not wearing them. Simply twist them around your hand and place them in a hairnet that will then go inside a box. It’s important to ensure there are no tangles or kinks, otherwise your hair extensions could become permanently damaged.


Just like normal hair, hair extensions should be brushed frequently in order to remove any tangles that may be present. Use a gentle brush, as this will help prevent them from getting damaged and keep them in the best condition for a longer period of time. It’s important to remember to hold the hair extensions underneath the clips when brushing, otherwise you may accidently pull them out.


It may be very tempting to style your hair extensions, but hot temperatures can cause them to dry out. When using styling tools, you should use the lowest temperature setting. You will also find that hair extensions need a lot less heat than natural hair, so you shouldn’t hold the styling tools to your extensions for very long. By using a low temperature setting, the longevity of your hair extensions in Melbourne can be increased.


Finally, it’s essential to not wear your hair extensions to bed, as tossing and turning can place strain on the clips. This will pull out the wefts, resulting in damage to your extensions as well as your natural hair. Sleeping with hair extensions can also cause them to become tangled, which means more time needs to be spent on brushing.

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