Microlink Weft Hair Extensions: Seamlessly Blend with Frika Hair


Designed specifically for individuals with fine hair, weft extensions are a natural-looking and undetectable way to enhance hair length and volume. At Frika Hair Boutique, we offer micro link weft extensions that are meticulously applied to ensure that the hair sits flat on your scalp, creating a seamless blend with your natural hair. The result is a stunning transformation that not only boosts your confidence, but also remains virtually invisible to the naked eye. With wefts hair extensions, you can say goodbye to bulky or obvious extensions and hello to a look you’ll love.


Micro weft extensions offer many benefits, helping to transform your look without causing any damage to your natural hair. With proper care and maintenance, these extensions can last for up to 2 to 3 months, allowing you to enjoy beautiful, voluminous hair for months at a time. The flat weft hair extensions we use at Frika Hair Boutique are designed to be gentle on your natural hair, ensuring that it remains healthy and undamaged.

Maintenance is also a breeze with these extensions. Wefts hair extensions can be re-tightened every 2 to 3 months, keeping your hair looking flawless. Our highly skilled stylists will ensure that the extensions are adjusted to perfection to keep them comfortable and undetectable.




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Frika’s range includes genuine, 100% Remy human hair, as well as Indian hair, Russian hair, and much more in a whole range of colours – from blond to brunette and ombre shades. Speak to us about the right product for you.

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