African Hair Braiding Salon in Melbourne

Explore authentic African hair braiding at Frika Hair Boutique

At Frika Hair Boutique, we specialise in African hair braiding, offering a diverse range of styles that embody tradition with a modern twist. Located in the heart of Melbourne, our salon is the go-to destination for authentic braiding techniques that honour cultural heritage while embracing contemporary fashion trends.

Expert braiders at your service

Our team of skilled braiders brings years of experience and passion to every style they create. From intricate cornrows and classic box braids to stylish twist braids and sophisticated micro braids, our experts work meticulously to ensure each braid is perfectly crafted to meet your individual needs and preferences.

African hair braiding in Melbourne

Whether you are looking for a bold new look or a traditional style, Frika Hair Boutique offers an extensive portfolio of braiding options. We understand the importance of hair in African culture and are committed to providing styles that not only look spectacular but also help maintain hair health and integrity.

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Ready to transform your look with expert African hair braiding? Book a session here at Frika Hair Boutique in Melbourne to consult with our professionals and explore the various braiding styles we offer. Experience the best in African hair braiding and leave feeling confident and refreshed.




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Why is Frika Hair one of the best African Hair Salons in Melbourne?

Frika Hair Boutique is renowned for its authentic approach to African hair braiding, delivered by experienced stylists who specialise in a variety of traditional and contemporary African styles. If you are still unsure about the best hairstyle for your hair type, contact us to schedule a consultation. Our commitment to quality, combined with the use of high-grade materials, ensures that each client receives personalised and lasting results.

What African hair braiding styles do you offer?

We offer a wide range of African braiding styles, including cornrows, dreadlocks, hair wrap feathers and more. Each style is tailored to meet the unique preferences and hair types of our clients.

How much does an African hair braiding in Melbourne cost?

The cost of African hair braiding at our salon varies depending on the complexity of the style and the length of the hair. We provide detailed consultations to discuss your desired look and offer a price estimate based on your specific needs.

What other hair services do you offer?

Besides African hair braiding, Frika Hair Boutique offers a variety of other services, including hair colouring, hair extensions, hair straightening and more. We cater to a diverse clientele seeking quality hair care and styling solutions.